Minesweeper — 6 Comments

  1. Our Terrier (Charlie the wonder mut.) will leave us a present occasionally. The blame is on us, as this only happens when we are gone from home longer than we planned.

    • The strange thing about Penny is that she seems totally unaware that her rear end is squeezing one out. I can always tell when it happens as the base of her tail goes vertical while the rest of the tail droops. It looks like a shepherd’s crook. Weird.

    • I don’t know how many hours I wasted on Minesweeper. I think I read somewhere that Microsof introduced it to familiarise us plebs how to use the mouse buttons.

      Linux comes with literally hundreds of games. I don’t play any of them except the occasional game of cards.

  2. A 9 iron is a good choice as you get both lift and distance if you hit the bomb correctly. Much better than using a wedge which could cause a rain of “bomb’ all over one’s self if your swing is even a slightest bit off.

    I’ve has many pets over the years, both cats and dogs, and it’s a hard thing when they get old. Still, you take care of them especially if it’s a dog.

    • A 9 iron is my weapon of choice. I tried a driver but that just causes the turd to explode. A 9 iron gives a good loftiness to the shot and is most likely to blear the fences and hedges.

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