When the heat is on — 2 Comments

  1. I put in a solid fuel Rayburn in our manor when I extended/improved it. It replaced the old one that I put in in the mid 80s (and was 2nd hand then and quite a bit older than me). Having seen the work of “professional” plumbers I did all the work myself (and got it signed off by a building inspector!). Why pay somebody to bugger something up when you can bugger it up yourself for free?

    It’s been running two winters now and keeps the place nicely warm, even in the minus 7s & 8s we had this winter. It can work even without electric and we have a big pile of stove nuts so don’t have to rely on Our Dear Government to keep the lights on (we’ve got paraffin lamps too).

    Until the evil scummers ban solid fuel/stoves/domestic heating…

    • Hah! It was a Rayburn that we removed from The Manor. My mother had been very fond of her Rayburns but it only had a very small boiler with a very low output,

      I would fancy a wood-burner but it does entail a bit of hard labour, cutting up and bringing in the logs and the like, and also it can’t be automated. Also an oil burner is much better at heating up the climate a bit.

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