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  1. We used to have quite a bit of junk mail to deal with, (actually we still do). I bought a shredder a few years back and discovered that I then had mounds of shredded paper to deal with. Most of the junk mail we get comes with a self-addressed postage paid return envelope, HAH!

    I now shred the pages with personal information on them and mail the remainder of the junk back to the sender.
    Let them deal with the junk mail.

    • Junk mail goes unopened into the green bin as I pass it on the way back from collecting the post. I could do the reply trick but I honestly couldn’t be bothered.

  2. Shredded paper composts down nicely in a regularly fed compost bin. Or even just dug into soil.
    I suppose if you keep large animals like cows the midden would serve the same purpose.
    Gerbils are also grateful for it. They chew it up and fill their living space with it.
    This is what trendy folk call a “hack” aparently.

    • That’s not a bad idea. The compost heap could do with a bit of variety, though I do have mental images of strips of paper blowing around the garden like a snowstorm of giant confetti….

      • Just wet it after you put it in the heap. Piss is good for compost. Adds the necessary nitrogen, and other useful stuff. That’s why straw in the byre is better after the cattle have added their contrbution.
        I have found that same goes for shredded paper and gerbils. Their output, not the beasts themselves.
        I have read that the most welcome visitor to a Highland farm was one who paid for a meal and then left a deposit in the dunny.

  3. Round our way you can put paper out for recycling, however if you shred it first you can’t!
    Typical council joined up thinking.

    • I did actually think of that. But then there’s the old laws – junk accumulates to fill any space available, and Nature abhors a vacuum.

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