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  1. Couldn’t agree more, Grandad. Typical modus operandi of the hardcore believers. First they ask for acceptance and most people have no problem with that. Then they demand official recognition and then they come for the kids.

    • I see our Teashop Varadkar has come out in favour of this teaching. I like that fellow less and less each day. Normally I couldn’t give a shit about his sexual preferences but ……

  2. The strongest opposition to transgender males I have encountered is from some feminists who argue that those who have transitioned are not women.

    The IRFU got in trouble for saying that people who have transitioned from male to female could not play women’s rugby because they were physically still male.

    • Then there was the fuss over the [male] champion swimmer who”transitioned” and won every race in the female categories. Sport is now having to redefine gender which is a complete absurdity.

  3. There is a young lady named Chloe Cole who was transitioned to a male at a very young age who now speaks against transitioning kids. She’s like 20 years old and has realized she is in fact a girl and is suing her doctors and parents. Look her up. It’s an interesting story.

    • Damn! I looked her up and she confirms every one of my fears. There should be a relatively high age limit for this lark and also a rigorous assessment by psychiatrists.

  4. I could not agree more. What I find strangest of all is that they seem to almost always want to be with young children. I’m not sure I even want to think why.

    • You have to agree though that it’s a pretty drastic step to take just to gain access to kids?

  5. My local council seem keen to push the trans agenda, probably because if they don’t, they will be seen to be against it.

    They had an article on their web site a while ago that included links to helpful organisations, one of which was a charity called Mermaids. With a name like that, I had a look to see if mermaid had now become yet another recognised gender! It is a website that supposedly supports kids that are questioning their gender. Some of the examples on it are from very young kids!!

    I’m with you Grandad, kids don’t have a sex, or a gender or anything remotely connected to procreation and adult relations. Let them play, climb trees, fish and do all the normal things. Abnormal, and all the other excrement that we older people have to put up with will come soon enough.

    • Being seen to be politically correct [and even worse, “woke”] is all important these days. I really get the sense that we have switched to Minority Rule?

  6. Dear Grandad

    Odd how our beloved governments support the adultilising of children and the infantilising of adults.

    Time we told them where to go, with emphasis.


    • The problem is that the alternative either doesn’t exist or is even worse than the current mobs.

  7. “…the world seems determined to turn them into adults far too soon.”

    No. The world seems to be determined to teach them adult things far too soon but keep them infantilised far too long. My father left school and started working, pretty much the definition of being an adult, when he was 14. I left school and started working at 16 as did most of my contemporaries. Now it seems to be the norm for children to stay in education well into their 20s. No wonder we have to import skilled manual workers from Eastern Europe, you can’t expect a media studies graduate to get his/her hands dirty, can you?

    • “you can’t expect a media studies graduate to get his/her hands dirty, can you?”

      No, but to be fair, they could end up as a manager at Starbucks.

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