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  1. In the USA south east snow is not common, but does fall occasionally. When snow is predicted there is a rush to supermarket to purchase milk, eggs, and bread. Apparently we are all suppose to make French toast.

    There is a story that a TV weather forecaster was friends with the owner of a local grocery store. The store owner was having a bad month and was concerned he might have to close the store. To help him out the weather forecaster when on the air that night with a forecast of snow. Everyone rushed to grocery store to stock up and store was able to stay open.

    Many people also stock up on beer, but then they tend to stock up on beer regardless of the weather forecast.

    • That’s the practice at my place. As soon as the first bottle comes out of the last six pack, time for another case.

  2. If yu want info on Irish weather you won’t better the Irish Met Offices web-site.

    • uses the same database as Met Eireann. I just prefer to do my own analysis of the data.

  3. Buying factory made sliced bread in Ireland is weird.
    I have been to a few countries and none of them come close to having the variety, deliciousness and quality of Irish bread, – farls, scones, tatty scones, barnbrack, vids bread, soda bread, wheaten loaf, and on and on. Made with wheat, oat or rye flour
    Out of the oven a short while, thickly sliced,slathered with butter, maybe with real bacon, dropping fat, on top, or just dipped into a mug of tea.
    Like Pavlov’s dog I am drooling.

    • Which Ireland are ou talking about? My Ireland sells only the factory stuff. Maybe there is the odd bakery somewhere but not around here. There is a petrol station on the way up to Dublin with a big sign outside – “Genuine French Bead – Baked here on the premises”…..

    • Indeed. I use the granite post outside the door for the same purpose. At the moment it’s cold and wet.

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