A friend in need — 8 Comments

  1. One of my sisters observed that dogs are stoics. I think this true.
    My partner, Fran, always says that her dog, Muffin, is five years old. She’s been that age for a while. Occasionally she (Muffin, not Fran) get’s “stuck” when on a walk and just stops. So far it’s only turned out to be a stickey-stick or such like getting stuck to her leg and she waits for it to be removed.
    Like youth there is not enough of dog’s lifetime.

    • Penny is definitely a stoic. I’m sue the lump on her leg is hurting but the only sign she gives is that she takes the weight off that leg when standing.

  2. UPDATE:

    Penny has had her [slightly late] monthly injection and is down for an operation to remove the growth the week after next.

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