The new driving test — 10 Comments

  1. When I moved from the North to Dublin in 1999, I went to the post office in Ballybrack and bought a dog licence. Some people suggested to me that this was rather eccentric behaviour, so I never bought one again.

    • I don’t know if my parents ever bought a licence but I never have. I just don’t see the point of it apart from being just another tax.

  2. Creedons Dog Care “Our training team is headed up by Ireland’s first certified dog behaviourist Nanci Creedon M.Sc. Nanci is Ireland’s leading dog behaviour expert…”

    Of course she has no financial interest whatsoever in the possible introduction of mandatory owner testing and the nice training revenue stream that might bring.

    Our Muffin is a Dog and a Behavior Expert (so far as human behavior goes), but she’s never been a grifter or self publicist 🙂

    • Who exactly appointed her as “Ireland’s leading dog behaviour expert”? It sounds like a grandiose title she has given herself. Was there a competition? Was there an exam?

  3. Answers to your test questions:

    How many legs does a dog have? 2, 4, 6 or 8?

    A – 8… Oh, wait… I have 2 dogs haha!

    Does a dog go woof or meow?

    A – Mine kinda snarls..

    Do you require this dog as a pet or a fashion accessory?

    A – None of the above, I keep American Pit Bulls, so they are a status symbol.

    Which end do you put the food in? At the nose end or the tail end?

    A- Whichever end vacuums the food up before it comes within 3 feet. Plus the welding gloves used to serve it.

    If a dog barks, does it mean he is angry, happy, no reason at all or all of the above?

    A – It means he’s going to kill next door’s yapper when he can get off this chain..

    If your dog shits in the street do you A) pick up the turd in a plastic bag and hang it off the nearest fence, B) kick the turd into the gutter or C) pretend it wasn’t your dog that did it?

    A – Pick up the turd and hurl it through next door’s front window. Without the bag.

    Is a bitch a female dog, your wife / girlfriend or both?

    A – Karma

  4. Here in Oregon, on the decidedly Left Coast U.S.A. the license is supposedly proof of a rabies vaccination. (The dog; not the owner.)

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