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  1. I loathe December and January-they seem to go on for ever and its very uplifting to turn the calendar to February and know that Spring is well on its way.
    Things not helped by the fact our once beautiful country now totally buggered where nothing but nothing works and the idiots in charge clueless as to how we are going to get out of the mess they have created.
    Have voted Tory every election since I was 18 (now 79) but never again until they recreate them selves as real Tories again-8 years in opposition should do the trick well!
    Keep the bloggs coming Grandpa.

    • There is something strange about the way December and January distort time. There’s something dark and heavy about them.

      Things are much the same here in Ireland. There are only two major parties who leapfrog each other into power for the last hundred years. They are supposed to be opposing but in practice have almost identical manifestos. This the, for the first time they admitted they were two cheeks of the same arse and went into coalition. The only viable opposition now is Sinn Fein who have dubious links with the IRA. I have given up voting altogether as frankly it’s a pointless exercise.

    • Heh! I think the word has spread. It’s a long time since I have been asked for any directions.

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