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  1. Site works fine. I use a tablet in Somerset. You’re welcome

    PS comment was slow to load.

  2. Works fine here in middle England. Load time usually about 1 – 2 secs. Occasionally delays a few secs longer but I think that’s our local broadband. Never had a technical error message.

  3. 47 years!!! That’s seven and a half broken mirrors. 😉 Congratulations, pick up your long service and good conduct medal on your way out.

    The site loads fine, a couple of seconds. Ubuntu and Firefox.

  4. A fucking medal? Modest, aren’t we.
    Now that is an Olympic sport I might just watch. Not really.
    Presumably the first to finish is not the winner.
    But congratulations to you and your long suffering spouse.
    Lang may yer lum reek.

  5. No probs on Win7/firefox in Hants.
    Happy anniversary – hope you’re saving up for the big one!

  6. Usually opens instantly, or as near dammit. Using Brave browser with “Shield” I am across the water on Anglesey.

  7. I have been getting this error for the past month. I use a Nokia Android phone with Chrome. My information is that an anti-spam plugin is to blame. Said plugin can’t be removed. If there is an update or new post it may not load but if you haven’t made one it seems to be OK. Trying to access to the comments is the most likely to cause this error. Hope this helps.

  8. I get the error if i link to the latest story from the MS site, normally its fine if I go to your site first.
    Yesterday I was told your site wasnt safe.
    Today everything seems fine
    Chrome on Android

  9. Loads fast and true on my eight year old laptop using Ubuntu and Firefox here on the Lincs coast. Never has a problem.

  10. Christchurch,Dorset-loads smoothly in under 3 secs.
    Running standard desk pc on W10.
    Love your blogs Grandpa-enjoy your anniversary-keep off the Irish pixie juice!

  11. I had the problem a week or so ago on an Android phone but initially only with Comments, then with all the site. Just checked it and now working perfectly

  12. I live on the south coast of England near Portsmouth. Your site comes up almost instantly, I’m using Brave with Shield in Win 10.
    Tried to comment. When it came to post the comment I got “Access denied” and :-
    “You have been blocked from entering information on this site. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, complete the request below to have the admin add your IP to a list that allows you full access.”
    I’m using a VPN, is this the cause?
    My post above did not get past this barrier. Even odder, 3 hours later I go an e-mail from WordPress “clearing” me to land on Head Rambles!!

    • Possibly the VPN was confusing things, thouh sometimes I use a VPN and things still work. The sudden change of heart was me – I noticed a bank of emails saying you were trying to get in so I told it not to be silly and to behave itself.

  13. Its so fast it loads 12hours faster than the UK and Ireland.
    I do have good connections here in NZ

  14. An afterthought.

    It could be that you have finally managed to thoroughly piss off the Russians.
    And congratulations on those 47 years!

    • The Russians generally ignore me. On the other hand, the Chinese seem to be impressed? They account for nearly a fifth of all visits over the last month and are consistently second to the UK in the ratings. Make of that what you will…..

  15. London. Android Mobile. A second or two. Rarely have any issues loading or with links. Medal, or get out of gaol free card?

  16. For the last 3 or 4 days I was getting 20 to 40 second load times, but today virtually instant.
    That’s from Portsmouth, on android tab, dolphin browser.
    Waves to Stephen Brown, howdy neighbour!

  17. Fine in New Zealand with Firefox and Wndows 10. 47,you’ve only just started, 54 and counting.

  18. I get the error more often that not accessing the site using Samsung phone running android 9 and using Brave. That being said, I haven’t encountered the error today.

    Never got the error using my PC (Ubuntu 20.04, Brave browser)

    Location Dublin

  19. No errors here in South Somerset. 10 year old desktop but on Wessex Internet full-fibre. Linux Mint, Firefox

  20. Thanks everyone [and welcome to all the first-timers. I didn’t expect so many responses.

    The general consensus seems to be that the site is fast [within my 3 second self imposed limit]. There seems to be a possibility [how vague can one get?] that part of the problem lies with the spam filters and part with Android.

    I had three spam filters – I actually didn’t realise they were all there – and have disabled two of them. The remaining one seems to be doing the job anyway, unless no one is bothering to spam me these days?

    The Android thing may be due to another plugin which is supposed to dish up the site in a more smart-phone friendly manner. I’ll work on that.

    Again, thank you one and all.

  21. Very slow today. It took well over 10 seconds as opposed to about 2 seconds the other day. I started counting seconds after 3 or 4 seconds when I noticed it didn’t open immediately so probably about 14 or 15 seconds.

    It was also very slow when I clicked “leave a reply”. It said it was waiting for something like I opened the site in another tab and it was pretty much instantaneous. “Leave a reply” was also pretty quick. Firefox on Ubuntu. I tried Google Chrome which I’ve never used for your site before and it was pretty much instantaneous.

    I guess Firefox needed to load the Google bits the first time but remembered the second time, whereas Google Chrome is optimised for Google analytics. Does that make sense?

    • Thanks for that FrankH. You have confirmed one of my suspicions, that Google is slowing things down. I have been using Google Analytics since I launched the site way back when. But Google are messing around with it this year changing everything around and fucking up historical data, so I took the plunge and disconnected all the Analytics code. Whether that helps or not, we can only wait and see.

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