Lament for bygone days — 3 Comments

  1. Grandad, I think I would consult the doctor if headache persists.

    As a kid I used to get bad headaches but I grew out of it. Once I started frequenting pubs with my mates, I missed out on getting blathered. I was always the duty driver, perhaps because I was the only one with a car! I did drive a few times over the limit. So no headaches or hangovers back in the day.

    Then marriage, kids and working hard. Now retired, I indulge, but still no hangovers. Why? Because I have a few drinks and fall asleep!!! So at the grand old age of 73 I have clearly missed out.

    • The headache finally left. It’s back again today. And if I went to Doc complaining of just a headache he’d probably throw a couple of Aspirin at me and tell me to fuck off and come back when I’m sick. He’s very overworked these days and under a lot of stress, so I would forgive him.

      Actually it’s a very long time since I had a hangover. It must be in the region of twenty years. All that drinking in my earlier years must have given me a level of immunity?

  2. Dear Grand-dad. HELP!
    Sorry for this unorthodox contact.
    Each day your blog is first on my list. Further later visits currently usually fail. I get a message.
    “There has been a critical error on this website. Learn more about trouble shooting Word Press”
    I have looked at “Learn more” and cannot understand a word of it. It looks like advice for a programmer.
    I suspected my Firefox. so went to Chrome,Same message . I checked my smartphone -Android G5-same result.
    I think reference to “this website” means your website. Not my PC or browser and so on.
    Once again-sorry. I am totally stumped.Thank you and many thanks for your Blog.
    Is it just me?

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