First Aid Kit — 5 Comments

  1. Have you ever seen someone (I nearly typed woman, but saw immediately the error of my ways) raking around in their handbag for the mobile, the key, the unmentionable. Etc.
    It is like watching Mary Poppins empty her hold-all.
    Pockets are safer so long as you are methodical. And always wear the same jacket.

    • The jacket has so many pockets though. I tend to put thing in the same pockets [phone in right, baccy in left and so on] but it still involved rooting around a bit. At least now I know where my spare lighter/baccy is. Also there are days when I don’t need a coat and therefore had no place to carry my smoking kit.

  2. I suggest adding a few spare flints for the lighters. This could be the reason one of them doesn’t work.

    • I have retired my flint lighters for the time being. I’m using disposable piezo ones that are actually refillable with gas. Also I’m a bit suspicious about the quality of my flints even if they are Ronson.

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