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    • I went for a Sony. It’s not one of the pricey ones but it isn’t the cheapest either. If I want good stereo and spectrum I prefer headphones but they tend to be a little anti-social.

  1. Thing is, after Space Aliens (or whatever – maybe dog or grandchild?) have destroyed the remotes (or even just your enemies stealthily flattened the bats), can you control all yer bits by manual prestidigitation?

    Like, by pressin da buttons on ’em?

    …thought not; single point of failure 😉

    • I can just about do the basics on the television and satellite using buttons but that’s it. God be with the days of manual tuning, not to mention horizontal and vertical holds!

      • I agree that numerous controllers are rage inducing items-you can usually find them all except the one you want!
        I bouught a tidy segmented stand to put them all in.
        I can remember the days of dual standard tv’s-what a bloody nightmare these were-always carrying the damm tv down to the local tv shop-mind you-a good,hearty ‘thump’on the top of the tv usually sorted the problem out!

        • Hah! I used to work in Pye fault finding on the dual standard sets coming off the production line. One of the common faults was the massive switch in the circuits that switched from 405 to 625 and back.

          Woud you believe that on my first day on the job I was taught to detect specific faults depending on which part of the chassis I thumped?

  2. Is there a control for the 405 lines setting for reception in those parts of the county not well-reached by the digital signal?

    • When we first moved to Wicklow the only channels we could receive were 405, and the only channel that was clear as crystal was HTV. Even RTE was crap as we lived in a signal shadow from the local transmitter.

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