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  1. You missed the obvious answer. Busses are the interwebs. They carry messages between nodes. Why spend all of that money on fiber optics and copper cabling when the busses already are going that way. You messages travel to node near a bus stop. As each bus goes by the messages get uploaded. As buses pass each other they transfer the packets between them. eventually the bus goes by the node next to destination and packet is delivered.

    So they next time your internet is slow, its just the bus stuck in a traffic jam.

    • I was going to say that each bus stop has a repeater in them, a bus is never out of range of a stop! and that also allows for these fancy updating timetables you get on stops nowadays.

      But having just read James’s comment, I realise that I’m full of shit, his theory must be right as it explains everything neatly.

      • You obviously don’t live in my neck of the woods. The habit here is to have clusters of stops and then a mile of so before the next one. In my little corner there are four or five stops. In the village there’s only one. Bus stops seem to be planted with little rhyme nor reason.

    • Thanks, James. Now I understand why that little USB connection slot relates to a ‘Universal Serial Bus’, it all suddenly makes sense.

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