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  1. Don’t worry, Greta’s green nutters will soon force you to have a heat-pump, it’ll cost you many thousands, nowhere will be warm but everywhere will be noisy. So you’ll open up the old fireplace and quietly burn whatever flammable materials you can. No polar bears will be saved in the process and there’ll be fuck-all effect on the planet’s climate. Progress eh?

    • The gubmint can damn well pay for it to be installed. I’d rather convert my boiler to run on sump oil.

  2. We had gas powered underfloor heating installed. Only had it since August and the outside gas tank is already on it’s third regulator valve. Don’t even get me started on the thermostats and manifold. It’s been glitchy as all hell.

    Maybe our local Leprechauns don’t like the warm?

    • You should have gone with a turf fired boiler. That’s assuming you sorted out the turf cutting rights on your own land?

      • No bog. No turf. Now if you want to talk wood, I have more than enough. There’s also enough material for a solid fuel water heater and secondary heat exchanger to act as a reservoir / buffer if push comes to shove.

        • Leave the trees [they absorb that evil Carbon]. Just remove the wood from them and burn that.

          When can I expect my first shipment of mead?

  3. “When can I expect my first shipment of mead?”

    Wait, what was that? When what freezes over?

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