Contradicting Climate Chaos — 2 Comments

  1. “I do wish they’d make up their minds.”

    You’re asking for quite a lot here Grandad. Dial the expectations back a bit.

  2. At that time, the 1970s The Science, and 97 percent of Scientists said that the glaciers were coming South to reshape the drumlins and push over the Statue of Liberty. The Science was inarguable and fixed.
    So when some Enron bored engineers up in the Arctic Circle, using their six-figure lot tables and big slide-rules came up with result that this Global Glaciation belief was mince, their careers froze. The were banished to The North Slope until they they got themselves re-educated.
    Ironicaly, when they were allowed back into society and started to express the belief that we were all going to freeze, in accordance with the Scientific Concensus, the fixed, immovable Science Convention had done the Reverse Ferret, and so they were again banished to North Alaska to witness the tundra busting into bloom.

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