A beacon of greyness — 6 Comments

  1. Get used to it.
    It sounds like Purgatory.
    And it will be no use trying to explain that you are an agnostic.
    That will just put you in another antechamber.

    • It’s actually what I would imagine purgatory to be. And every year I’d move along to the next chair….

  2. Oh dear, Sandyford.

    I once got caught in that one way system and think I went around twice before managing to escape”

    • The place is insane. To get into it from the south you take the exit ramp at Junction 13 [Triskaidekaphobia strikes again on Friday the 13th? 😉 ] which splits into three lanes. You have to take the right hand lane through two lights as you cross over the motorway, and stick with it through the next lights [5 lanes!]. Get in the wrong lane and God knows where you’d end up. Dundrum? The Airport? Hell?

      • I think that if you miss your turn then you are on the Drummartin Link Road. No-one has ever explained what it links!

  3. In my experience the whole of Dublin is an impenetrable maze. Back in the noughties I had a delivery of gear to an exhibition at a big hotel in central Dublin and just couldn’t find a way to reach it. The only road I could find to it – the hotel plainly in view at the end – was one-way,the wrong way. I drove round the block three times until I was stopped by a Garda. ‘Are ye lost?’ said he, and I explained my problem. ‘The such-and-such Hotel? Sure, it’s down there,’ he said, pointing down the one-way street.’Can ye not see it?’ (He didn’t add ‘ye eejit!’ but I had the impression that was what he was thinking.) ‘But it’s one-way!’ I protested. ‘Ach, ye’ll be alright if there’s nothing coming!’With that, he sauntered off. ‘God bless Ireland!’ I thought as I drove off the wrong way down a one-way street with no one turning a hair.

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