The onset of Dementia — 8 Comments

  1. “I mentioned to the vet that Penny was dropping the odd poo around the place without showing any awareness”

    Are you SURE it’s Penny doing that? I mean, you’re not in the first flush of youth yourself!

  2. Like increased intoxication, dementia, under its many names, leaves the sufferer unaware of the affliction. Occasionally the realisation that something should not have been said, or done, is realised, but the feeling wears off.
    Maybe that is a blessing.

    • I have always reassured the Missus that if you think you have dementia then you don’t. A sort of reverse Catch-22. As for Penny, she’s very happy with life and that’s all that concerns me.

  3. One of my cats had dementia, it started when she stopped using the litter tray and just went wherever she was, she mostly slept and ate a little. I didn’t mind the cleaning up but the day came when she didn’t know where she was and just stared at her food as if she didn’t know what to do with it. I knew then it was time, I think she might have had a stroke. It was heartbreaking but she was 21.

    • Thankfully I never experienced it in any of my previous pets. I will worry though if she forgets what her food is. She loves her food and is a grazer. I fill her dish and she’ll snack off it. She also brings a full mouth of dry food to her couch before spitting it out and eating it all bit by bit.

  4. Bless, think on, GD, they’ve had a good home, where their loved and cherished.
    Apart from one, here,

    they were rescue babies
    And the one, that wasn’t a rescue, brilliant lad, cancer.
    Cried for everyone of my little friends…
    So know how your feeling GD

    • I don’t ever remember shedding a tear at a human funeral, but when a pet goes [especially a dog] well, that’s a different matter.

      Penny is a rescue and obviously had a hard start in life. She is the ultimate happy camper now and that’s all that matters. I was devastated at our last dog’s passing so I treat every day as if it’s Penny’s last.

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