On a positive note — 4 Comments

  1. Grandad,
    I think you’re right and the fault is with Firefox as I’ve found there are a couple of sites that need user name – no problem – then go to the password page and are dead from there-on.
    Same sites, no problem with Chrome. I guess Firefox is getting over engineered…

    • The fault lies with web designers who assume we are all avid followers of Windows and Edge or Google and Chrome. The page I mentioned [which should be of interest to all car drivers in Ireland] is a clever one – the banner marked as the link to follow did all the right things in that it changed colour and cursor when selected, but did nothing!

  2. With regards to your comment about Kamikaze Harry, I think you have the wrong spelling, it should be Khazi. I am going to try and send a link to an excellent picture which was sent to me today, I hope you can access it as I laughed out loud when I saw it. Looks as though you should be able to see it. Keep up the good work, an old coffin dodger like me looks forward to your blog site. Have a good year.

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