Doldrums Week — 5 Comments

  1. The Doldrums. A range of dull wee hills in Ireland, which seem to stretch to infinity.
    I am sure that Daniel O’Donnel sang songs about them that would have you severely diluting your Murphey’s with tears. Bestrewn with Mammies, colleens and faithful collies. And folk who disappeared to Merica.
    Excessive exposure to the songs leads to severe depression and suicide.

    • Not to be confused with Drumlins, [A range of dull wee hills in Ireland, which seem to stretch to infinity] which are a remnant of the last glaciation period.
      Or indeed, Dolmens which are prehistoric graves [they surmise].

  2. Still, The “Dark Days of Winter” end Friday (Cambridge at least, I think you’re about the same latitude). After that it starts getting lighter in the morning as well as the evening.
    PS: When you go “show your papers” to the social scum, please give them my disrespect too 🙂

    • The Solstice was only last week but there is already I have noticed a slight brightening of the evenings.

      • Over here a red sky at night all the way to morning means that the local oil refinery is going full whack with maximum flare off.
        After all if The Gubment insists on blocking all cheap sources of power it would be an eejit who did not take advantage of the resultant shortage of even very expensive energy by kindly filling the gap.

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