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  1. They are covering themselves, now it’s obvious to most people that these jabs are bad for some. Because should Big Pharma lose their emergency use authorisation, they would lose their legal immunity and be sued by half the world – extending the recommendation to the very young puts that off. But eventually they’ll face the music and retribution, hopefully with long prison sentences for all those complicit in pushing this worldwide madness.

  2. If they are lucky they will be sued.
    If / when people learn that they and the ones they love,have been put at severe risk of sudden death, reduced immunity, increased cancer risk, infertility,etc. etc. because of lying, fraudulent, avaricious snake oil peddlars they are not going to be too bothered about money. They will be a zombie horde.
    And all the pollies, CEOs, unwise SAGE goons, will be in the same pickle.
    They cannot all go to their mid ocean island deep bunkers – aka “wine cellars”

  3. “so what is the justification for this insanity?”

    Because everyone MUST COMPLY.

    Otherwise, they will need to start killing off all non-vaccinated survivors. And that will raise holy hell with tax revenues.

  4. Dear Grandad

    “The idea of pumping an experimental vaccine into a six month old infant is verging on immoral.”

    It is nowhere near verging on the immoral: it is a monstrous crime against humanity. Babies and children are being used as guinea pigs in a massive experiment with a novel treatment which has not undergone long term testing and for which the results of such testing as has been done is being kept from the public which paid for it. The evidence at the time showed that the injections were unnecessary for almost all fit and healthy people, irrespective of age – including those over 70 upon whom they were first pushed. The progressive reduction in age was unwarranted. The injection of children is truly shocking in a supposedly civilised society.

    The current injecting regime is the long term trial. I hope for the sake of all injectees that there are no major long term consequences, but I am concerned that governments around the world have been trying to eliminate the most important group of all in medical trials – the control group.

    Unfortunately the evidence suggests a high rate of adverse reactions to the injections, which does not bode well for long-term adverse reactions.

    Whatever damage these injections have done or will do to those who have received them will lie with those who have developed and promoted their use, and in some cases mandated their use. They are responsible for any damage caused and must be held accountable.

    I hope it will not come to a Nuremberg level trial of war criminals, but if the results warrant it, then such prosecutions must take place against all those who are complicit in this abomination.

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Grandad and let us hope that our future does not hold any unpleasant surprises as a result of this global medical experiment.


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