Disastrous news — 4 Comments

  1. The Daily Mail is amusing at times – you know what to expect with them.

    The BBC (Big Brother Crap) is beyond a joke – woke, LBG-whatever, pushing Climate nonsense, etc., etc.

    I’ve now activated a VPN, so can read proper news from around the world – it’s quite eye-opening to compare facts without the usual propaganda/bullshit.

    • Another thing about the BBC is that it too uses click-bait headlines to otherwise non-news. And then it constantly flashes a “Join Up” yoke which is very irritating.

  2. Had a look at the Waterford Whispers. May go back for a looksee now and again. Liked the nicknames given to rellies. I used to call my wife’s mother the Outlaw. It’s a bit like an in law, only she was wanted.
    Best wishes to you and Herself for 2023.

  3. Waterford Whispers we liked – looks like an Irish Babylon Bee 🙂

    I look at the headlines om quite a few sites (BBC, France 24, Fox, GB News, Breitbart) but I find Small Dead Animals, RT, Zerohedge, JoNova, and Daily Sceptic most useful.

    Plus assorted long-form podcasts.

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