The seasonal panic — 7 Comments

  1. Take care then, apparently it’s likely to be quite cold again by tomorrow night. (Please don’t include any photos in your follow-up report).
    Don’t forget that for your celebratory meal and perfect day as depicted by the advertisments you need at least one person with obvious foreign skin colouration and a mixed race child. It is also imperative that you remain happy and cheerful at all times, whatever happens.
    And yes, turkey is not our favourite either, we will have chicken.
    Happy Christmas!

    • I think dancing naked around the pond might not be on the cards. The grass is a bit long and wet. Maybe we’ll just sit indoors [naked]?

      Yes, I forgot to mention the race lark. That is really weird. Where the fuck am I supposed to find a non-white at this time of year? And everyone always seems to be sober as well which is in direct conflict with happiness.

      Roast beef here.

      Happy Solstice/Christmas to you too.

    • Woodsy, the list is not complete without a gay couple and their adopted child. The child must also be orphaned and from some war-torn land.

      Ham is on the menu here.

  2. Are you sure it’s Alice’s White Rabbit that is your inspiration for the dancing and not Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit?

      • I think their encounter with Alice’s White Rabbit might have been mediated by the ingestion of certain substances, although it is probably defamatory to make such suggestions now!

  3. Roast Pork and a corn fed chicken for the grown ups, a special vegetable lasagne for our vegetarian visitor. Add large amounts of wine. No panic.
    Job done.

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