The name you dare not whisper — 4 Comments

  1. There will not be much tax revenue taken out of that town.
    Bet the banks are not much used either.

  2. The deliberate omission of the word ‘Traveller’ does nothing to help either the local community or the members of the Travelling community or are subject to the abusive violence of some of the male members.

    Mysogynistic attitudes to those within their own community and the downright racist attitudes towards members of the settled community, to the extent of physically preventing teenage girls from mixing with anyone who is not a Traveller, belong to another century.

    Prejudice and criminality should be called out for what they are

    • In fairness they’re not all violent yobs. The misogynistic culture is scary though. The girls spend their early lives just dreaming of their one day – the wedding where no expense is spared, with stretch-limousines, massive flouncy dresses and horse drawn “fairy” coaches. The rest of life is a very steep downhill.

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