Looking the gift horse — 4 Comments

  1. The sense of entitlement expressed from Ukraine is truly astounding. Give (not sell) us weapons, loads of cash and now provide beds for all our displaced persons.
    What did we do to deserve such expectations? Are WE at war with Russia?

    There are reports that the majority of the military equipment sent to Ukraine is stolen and then resold to ‘friendly’ nations. There’s massive corruption and a huge black market there.

    The puppet-clown demands more and more, as Europe sinks economically due to US financial trickery and sabotage. It’s time to halt support for this Nazi.

  2. Well, you can’t blame the folks fleeing from a war. But you can blame the folks in governments who don’t seem interested in making peace.

    • What war, their not fleeing from a war of our making.
      Nothing to do with us, the UK, soz GD, you’re country EU, well what can I say, you choice, so live with it.

  3. If you don’t like Ambassadors ,wait until you get the new New Zealand one. He is the former Speaker of Parliament and I think even his mother does not like him.I am sorry he is being inflicted on you but you can blame the “Beloved Jacinda ” for this gift. Enjoy.

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