The last watch — 6 Comments

  1. I never cared much for wrist watches, they always seemed to be in the way. My phone does everything (and more) than a watch will do. I do have one watch: an Elgin pocket watch that my father got me in 1970 as a birthday gift. I rarely carry it with me, but it gets wound every morning.

    • I got my first one back in ’61. It just became a habit then to wear one ever since. I suppose that, like trousers, I could go out without but it wouldn’t somehow seem quite right.

  2. My needs were simple – I wanted an analog dial with a digital date and day display. The watch I got had just that, though it also threw in a clatter of other functions which in the main are duplicated on my phone.

    Much like the first two requirements on that list, I imagine….

    • A glance at the wrist is a hell of a lot simpler than faffing around with pockets and pass-codes?

  3. Bought myself a Citizen solar powered watch that in theory should last indefinately, the date also never needs altering as it caters for leap years as well as the varying months.
    Whilst its easy to read in all conditions having large clear numbers and the best luminosity i’ve come across, the stop watch facility and altering the time when the clocks go forwards/back is so complicated i have each time to refer to the manual.
    Hence its duties these days are as an expensive ornament and i’ve bought a startlingly similar looking Wenger with battery power, its also a chrono but much simpler for a technophobe like i.

    I like traditional thick brown leather wrist straps, tried a metal wrist strap once or twice but not the safest practice in my work.

  4. For years I wore my fathers old WWII watch. But mechanical watches need attention one in a while and the last service cost over £150. A new Seiko solar powered watch cost £75, looks near-enough like the old watch, no need to open it up to replace a battery so it stays (100M) water-resistant. Lasted five years so far which is longer than the service intervals on the old watch.

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