Cringe Night — 6 Comments

  1. Is that based on the ‘lovely girls competition’ where the first prize was dinner with Father Ted, winner pays.

    Confess we watched progressively less mainstream telly over the years, eventually gave up completely on the thing about 10 years ago, haven’t missed a thing, we have Netflix and Amazon Prime for films etc, mainly we watch an hour or so in bed at night, the huge telly with cinema standard surround system in the living room hasn’t been turned on once since the depths of last winter.

  2. Come on now. For posts like this the spelling should be “Oirish”
    With maybe a “bheghorha” or two thrown in. And a few “to be shure, to be shure.” Just to be shure. Add or remove “h”s to suit.
    If the World comes to its senses in 10 or 20 years from now there will be excerpts of these programmes shown as ” Look how thick they were back then! ” comedy shows.
    Just as an aside, if they want to be inclusive just show a nice pint of Murphy’s.
    With a rather pale whiskey partner just to be in accord with current approved vision.
    To be shure!
    And do not dare mention Jimmy Shand. ‘n’ that.
    Sound of bagpipes in the distance. A gunshot. Then silence. Ahhh.

    • Will ya stop that. You know I will never stoop to that “leprechaun and shamrock” shite which is purely a Hollywood invention. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone utter a “begorrah” [or however you spell it]. If those girls were really as Irish as they pretend they would all be out on the town getting smashed on shorts and pints and wouldn’t be making a show of themselves on a stage.

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