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  1. If it’s a “smart” TV then you could buy a small Bluetooth keyboard for a few pounds and connect that to type in the searches.

    • The keyboard [or lack of] was really only a problem when logging in for the first time. If I [for example] want to search for a film I just nip over to the laptop and add that film to my “list” which then appears on the television.

  2. In my experience flat screen TVs have poor sound, because it’s not possible to squeeze in decent speakers into something flat.

    The easy fix is to spend £10-£20 on a set of PC Dolby 5.1 speakers, which immediately make the sound a hundred times better.

    • Now that’s not a bad idea. Herself likes the tinny sound but it would be nice to stick in a touch of bass.

  3. You might try Acorn.Like Netflix but less American crap.Here in New Zealand we have Beamafilm which you cast from a tablet via Google Chromecast.This gives access to all the films in our local library and saves messing about with dvds.

    • Hah! It took a lot to persuade me to join Netflix. I think one subscription is enough. Herself is happy [she’s watching a kid’s film at the moment] so peace reigns.

  4. Hi Grandad
    I am a regular reader of your daily toils and troubles and enjoy your ‘robust no nonsense’ attitude to life!
    Re your streaming problems-could I suggest you forget the so called ‘smart’ abilities of tv’s-most are total crap and go for something like a Roku streaming stick + (HD 4k HDR)-about £40 on Amazon.
    Not only is this a superb streaming device it will also allow you to check your internet speed into the device itself and lots of other techie stuff as its probably poor speed into the device itself causing your problems.
    I have 45Mbps incoming but the speeds into my Roku stick could drop to 2 to 3 and I solved this by buying one of BT’s superb ‘complete wi fi coverage’ booster discs-now getting around 41 Mbps.
    Have done a google map virtual drive around Skobieville (?) and picked out your cafe etc-looks a beautiful place.
    Keep the blogs coming,
    Jim -an English Grandpa!

    • Welcome Jim / English Grandad! I think I have sorted the problem with Netflix – it seems to be a problem with the programme we’re watching. Herself has watched several other films with no problems at all, and the problematic one just needs a reboot of the TV [takes about fifteen seconds].

      So you’re a stalker! I have no problem with that, but just to clarify one point – if you found my coffee shop [which indeed is in a beautiful place] you certainly weren’t in Skobieville. All the coffee shops there have been turned into tattoo parlours or have been boarded up.

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