My wealthy deposit — 3 Comments

  1. I had something similar – a credit card company said that they were closing my account as I hadn’t used it for so long. Then I had a refund of £2.60 on it. For the last fifteen years they’ve been sending me a paper statement every month…..

  2. I did something similar. About 20 years ago I opened a savings account, online, with the bank I had my current account with. A few years later I switched current accounts to another bank and I tried to close the savings account, also online. I wasn’t allowed to. I tried to withdraw the full balance but I wasn’t allowed to do that either. To close the account or withdraw the full balance I had to go to an actual building and do it in person. I worked out that I could withdraw all but £1 online so I did that. At minimum wage, £1 is about 10 minutes, it would cost me more to go to the bank to collect my £1 than my time is worth.

    The bank sends me updates every year and occasionally letters to tell me about changes to their terms and conditions. It must have cost them well over £1 just because their computer system is shit.

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