Starvation once again — 1 Comment

  1. Nothing unusual here. This is the joy of the Just In Time supply chain. It is fantastic when it all goes well. They then tweak to improve, removing people to speak to and improving turnabout.

    Then something goes wrong and you are screwed. there is nobody to talk to, they don’t have the capacity to pick up the slack and next thing you are running to the corner shop.

    Customer service is crap nowadays. They have automated so much that even the people in the system can’t change it and they mandate you have things like a mobile phone, not just a mobile phone though but a smart phone and download their app or they stop taking cash or cheques and everything is by card or mobile phones (again) Banks are mandating 2FA via app and you can’t even do online shopping without a mobile phone. It is a step backwards and all because they want to become more efficient and squeeze as much out of you and reduce costs as much as they can. All the time saying that they are improving customer service.

    My latest hobby is complaining about the service. It’s good when it is a bank as the Ombudsman is independent so you can waste more people time.

    But clearly we just shrug and put up with it so we get more and more.

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