Dropping the basket that holds all the eggs — 7 Comments

  1. It also leaves you at the mercy/whim/avarice of the electricity maker/supplier, and monopoly suppliers are never a good idea in any market-place – it’s always smarter to have at least two supplier options, keeps them all on their toes and not quite as dishonest.

  2. Shifting everything to electrickery has more flaws than that…with everything electric, and all services Internet based now, just one major Carrington event and we won’t have the knowledge for a medieval society! The best we would manage is a pre-bronze age life.

    • But hey, look on the bright side; at least the green Ayatollahs will be pleased, eh?

  3. A report here claimed that last weekend during the heatwave, with no windy stuff, the UK grid was importing electrons from Belgium at some ludicrously expensive rate to prevent blackouts in London. So good luck with getting any power from us, our politicians are just as insane as yours. We have just fitted a wood burner in the house and keep our camper van provisioned with water, gas and a well charged battery at all times.

    • Insane is the word the latest from Wales you can only drive your car at 20 mph.
      But it gets more crazy they want cars banned at the week ends.

      • If you are limited to 20mph, you can’t use the higher gears, so your fuel-use and pollution-output increases. Consistent eh?

  4. Well, we can all take some solace in the knowledge that the Greenies are going to be the same boat as the rest of us.
    Kids unable to charge their cell phones. Hell, I’d be willing to pay to see that.

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