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  1. There’s emerging evidence that this new and never-before-seen-spreading-like-it-is disease, Monkeypox, is actually a form of vaccine-induced stimulation of the dormant herpes virus most of us have retained after having Chickenpox.
    So, it’s really Shingles.
    But, not wishing to let a good scare story go to waste, the media will blindly promote this nonsense.
    And there are opportunities for more obscene profits to be made by vaccine purveyors.

      • @ Ben Dhonau on 24th July 2022 at 4:15 pm

        Nice to see a well reasoned argument that quotes the evidence supporting it. Not 🙁

      • Hi Ben, where’s some evidence?
        With a little research, I can find the links I saw and provide some medical reports to support my assertion.
        Best wishes from someone not falling for the mainstream nonsense!

        • Try Reuters fact check where you will find the reasons why this is nonsense. Indeed to quote Jeremy Bentham “Nonsense on stilts”

  2. But if you had a job with WHO, you’d want to puff-up any passing condition into a ‘global health emergency’, largely to boost your own profile (income, pension etc.) plus to optimise all the lovely back-handers from those ever-so-friendly pharma companies to whom you’ll target ever-so-lucrative contracts for potentially fatal medications.
    As ‘Deep Throat’ advised about Watergate, “Follow the money”, it’s always there somewhere.

  3. I shall get the vaccine booster not from any selfless desire to protect the health service but for the selfish reason that it reduces substantially the likelihood that I will get serious Covid. If you want to leave yourself at risk that’s your choice but don’t come moaning and expecting sympathy if you get it.

    • @ Ben Dhonau on 24th July 2022 at 4:21 pm

      However, half as likely to have a bad outcome multiplied by four times more likely to “get it” is not a good bet. And that’s the way it’s looking – plus or minus – if you “Follow The Science”.
      What happened to “if you get the jab you won’t get it and you won’t pass it on” or “two jabs is fully vaxed” or “safe and effective” ? This is now a disease of the jabbed – their immune systems imprinted on the initial variant while the virus has evolved into something new.
      The Overton window is shifting and folks are going to get quite unhappy…

  4. What we need is a two week or so lockdown on doing it up the bum. That would probably not just “flatten the curve” but stop it in its tracks altogether. Wonder why the WHO isn’t suggesting this?

    PS: I’ve been trying to think up the scariest name of the next pandemic of doom. So far:

    Leporosic Fever
    Flesh-Eating Monkey Disease
    Bubonic Ebolatitis
    Scrofulitic Pnumonicosis

    Any suggestions??

  5. Forget all that serious trollery Gramps.
    Give us a graphical interpretation of a “flying fuck”.

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