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  1. It would be most unfortunate if a CME hit Earth. These solar ejections happen a lot, but thankfully the Earth is a small target in a big system.
    The effect would be similar to an EMP, deliberately exploded over land (by Putin?), which would destroy electronics, grid systems and the ‘net, leaving us all to fend for ourselves, as you detail.
    Survivalists in the USA recommend storing dried and canned food, fuel & water, sufficient for at least 3 months. They also recommend having lots of guns, to protect the little you have when the starving hoards try to rob you…

    • The only difference [I would imagine] between an EMP and a CME would be the scale. A nuclear EMP would be relatively local whereas a CME would blanket the planet?

      I do have a lot of tins stashed away. Sadly, a lot is dogfood but I suppose if I was desperate?….

  2. Yeh, all that bad stuff would happen, Mega (or Giga) death, etc. But think of the amazing Aurora that it would bring 🙂
    (and the survivors would be CARBON net zero and sustainable). Every mushroom cloud has a silver_105 lining 😉

    • I always fancied seeing the Aurora but sadly never have. My chances of ever seeing them are virtually zero unless the Sun could oblige?

      • Top tips for them wots in Blighty or Ireland. This is all pre CoronaDoom so might have changed. But worked for me twice…

        Go to Iceland in the Spring or Autumn.
        Check the aurora forecast (see interwebs)
        Check the Iceland weather forecast for clear skies.
        Check cheap accommodation with cooking facilities (e.g. Captain Reykjavik) – restaurants are expensive.
        Check flight availability (EazyJet from Luton in my case)
        Check car hire (so you can get out of town into the dark – but you can see aurora even in the heart of Reykjavik)
        Make the decision the day before departure, book and go.
        Buy food in the supermarket, cook it in the hotel, buy booze in the Alko down town (it’s weak crap from other outlets).

        Do this and you stand a good chance of being under the aurora. Also go to the municipal baths – which have open air hot tubs and steam room – and FREE to OAPs GD 🙂

        Iceland is a lovely place and aurora is amazing. Take warm clothes but beware – you’ll always dress too warm in a cold climate.

        Don’t waste your money booking an aurora cruse or trip ahead of time – you need to grab the day(s). And Iceland is lovely place and people great, and pretty much of the Anglo-sphere so little language problems.

        Hope this helps/inspires…

        • It does indeed inspire, though chance would be a fine thing. I would have to stash Herself somewhere while I was away and that could be very problematic. There is no way I could ever convince her to go [seeing as the local towns are out of the question].

          I shall continue to dream and maybe watch the odd YouTube on widescreen……

    • The Americans are great for the survivalist life. Mind you, They’d have a better chance of survival than most after a CME.

  3. Have you ever considered building a DIY Faraday cage for this possible eventuality?
    As to whether this methos would be effective against a CME, who knows. But I suppose nothing ventured is nothing gained, eh? Personally I’d place things like my wind-up radio, torches and things suchlike in there.
    When I was checking out the above webpage the missus was asking me what I was looking at. I couldn’t stifle a hearty chuckle when she asked if it’d be big enough to hold the TV….

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