The coolest dude in town — 11 Comments

  1. “It looks like Wicklow is under cloud”

    Would you PLEASE send some of it over my way? There’s been unbroken sunshine here since breakfast time, and just before my (mostly shaded) outside thermometer catches the late afternoon sun it was registering 39C. And hardly a breath of wind from the coast, to make things more bearable, either…

    • But just think how you can tell the Great Grandkids how you survived the great 2022 Meltdown?

  2. I went shopping this morning and then had lunch with a friend before returning to my mother’s house to discuss work with the builders, who seemed to be working as normal. It was 35 degrees and no-one melted.

  3. Colder temperatures kill more than hotter ones.

    So, we can expect shock-horror-nobody-knew-this-was-going-to-happen articles soon about Europe shivering due to those nasty Russkies shutting off the gas. In the summer. Before the Autumn. With months to prepare.

    I wonder if the average (mental) age of these ‘journalists’ is about 13 – they’re almost all ignorant and fact-free in their eructations.

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