The Great Backfire — 10 Comments

  1. The Greens, in my experience, live in a world somewhere between Narnia and the Shire. Their wish-fulfilment version of an energy policy seems predicated on the idea that if pollution occurs ‘out of sight’ or elsewhere (e.g. lithium mining for batteries) then it doesn’t exist. They classify plant food- CO2 – as the main bogeyman, whilst ignoring the fact that we are still emerging from an ice age.
    As has been said many times, once their own iPhones cease to work, and their kids’ life expectancy drops to 60 or so, then we will watch them find a new love for fossil fuels.
    The main mystery to me is why anyone listens to them at all.
    Every climate change model fails to predict the present (when run from a past starting point) and every doom-laden prediction misses the mark by more than an England penalty kick.

    • Their problem is that they are blinkered to the extreme. The Planet comes first and foremost without any thought for the consequences of their plans. Our beloved Ryan is anti-car [or in fact anything with an engine] because he can cycle to work, without any thought for the vast majority for whom a car is essential. It doesn’t occur to them that virtually everything involves engines whether its for shipping goods or delivering them by lorry. They are totally obsessed with the Church of Climate.

  2. Sometimes you really have to wonder if the government “officials” actually come out of the basement and take a good look around at how things really are. That’s the problem of all governments in my estimation.

  3. I’m don’t know about Ireland, but laws in the UK about children in cars mean SUVs are needed to comply with regulations about kiddie seats. One of our daughters has three kids under 9 years and must have a wide car with 3 sets of isofix in the back – an SUV. So SUVs aren’t just swank here.

    But then all this climate change stuff is complete bollox!

  4. When my youngest was something under ten Her Majesty’s Government, its hers not fucking ours, made a change to its legal code and lo booster cushions were needed in all cars where children over an age but under another were carried.
    Not sure what was wrong with a dog cage in the shooting brake but guess what I ignored its stupid law.

    Why so many just tick tock along with madness writ large I cannot fathom

  5. “…nobody in Dublin needs one unless there’s a particular reason.”

    What!? Nobody needs one unless they need one. Is that what he’s saying?

    Colour me confused.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t they originally intended for off-road and rocky terrain? You don’t get much of that in the Dublin suburbs.

      • That wasn’t my point. Apply it to something else: e.g.
        you don’t need a raincoat unless there’s a particular reason I.e. you need a raincoat if you need a raincoat.
        you don’t need a watch unless there’s a particular reason. I.e you need a watch if you need a watch.
        or even
        you don’t need food unless there’s a particular reason. I.e you need food if you need food.

        As for SUVs, yes, I agree that most people don’t need them most of the time, but do you really want everybody to own a selection of vehicles so they can use the one ideally suited to the task in hand or would you rather they had one that did most tasks tolerably well?

        • Just to clarify – Personally I would be appalled at a ban on second cars or SUVs [though I would like to ban a few of the Yummy Mummys who can’t properly drive the things]. The whole idea is ridiculous and far fetched.

  6. Its all part of Klaus Schwab’s great reset ” you will own nothing and be happy ”
    People wont be allowed to own one car never mind two. Have anyone seen the clip about individual carbon trackers?
    This is the legacy we are leaving our grandchildren, how did we let this happen?

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