Give me sunshine — 10 Comments

  1. I am calling bulldust on that picture.
    Man not wearing mask and full face shield.
    Also there only two supervisors, blue hard hats in open countryside. Maybe hidden it is very heavy there, watching him work.

    • I notice the supervisors are standing well back in case he spontaneously combusts?

  2. I was at school during the long hot summer of 76, our school was so hot they took all the kids outside onto the grass and had the lessons outside.
    Now the schools are advising the parents not to dress their kids in jumpers and coats?????

    Where did it all go so wrong?

    • Ps. A back of a fag packet calculation shows that temperature data (as used for temperature trends to show warble gloaming) has been kept for 3.30178296 × 10-6% of the life of this planet.
      So saying this is the hottest it’s ever been is a little presumptuous I think!

    • Didn’t I read somewhere recently of a school which decided boys could not wear short trousers in hot weather but were allowed wear skirts? The world gets weirder by the minute.

  3. Mark my words GD, come winter and you’ll be hearing advice of a completely different nature as everybody starves and freezes. I suppose they’ll be telling you then to wear a dozen coats and light yourself on fire – that’s if you can afford the matches.

  4. Just visit go ogle – the font of all human wisdom – and type in “summer 1540”.

    As I type – using my last dying breath – whoever finds my desiccated corpse among the dunes of the skeleton coast that this part of Sussex is rapidly becoming, I bequeath what few of my worldly possessions that may still be found among the shifting sands.

    Look after my collection of shrunken heads.

    We brought it on ourselves. If only we had listened to Klaus Schwab. If only we had heeded his well thought out humane plans for depopulation. If only his programme of eugenics had come to fruition. How happy we would have been in the agrarian paradise, owning nothing and knowing nothing except that he was our better.

    Damn! I’m rambling. Must be getting dehydrated or something. Good job Klaus’s mini-me’s are around to tell me to take a drink (they can’t tell me to come in out of the rain I suppose)

    • Definitely you need a drink. I suggest whiskey. However alcohol dehydrates so you’ll need to drink a lot of it.

      • Impeccable logic sir. Worthy of Spock himself!

        I’ll definitely be going all Dick Turpin on the next camel train!

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