Null and void — 7 Comments

  1. I find that on these null days the best remedy is to stop by the local cannabis dispensary. At least it makes the day bearable.

  2. I’m at least a year older than you, Grandad. However, I’m fortunate not to suffer any medical problems that I know of – other than drinking too much (why not) – and being English. Like you, my wife has real problems – advanced dementia. Every day is a bit relentless. So, like you, I find that completing one major task means resting for at least a day. Mowing the grass is hard work, and I only have 40 feet by 100 feet to mow! Even washing the car needs a day’s rest. One blessing, we’ve four kids and eight grand-kids who can be quite helpful sometimes when they’re not nagging me for a lack of dusting and vacuuming, or cleaning the kitchen. Otherwise, perhaps the lack of energy might mean we’re just getting old and can’t admit it.

    With sympathy, Yet Another Chris.

    • I never knew that being English is a medical problem? It could explain a lot as my mother was from Wimbledon.

      Sadly I think you’re right. Just getting old. I suppose it’s sort of inevitable?

  3. When the sun is in the wrong place I can appreciate all the need for dusting and polishing etc. However, as we have no visitors planned, I’m ok with just putting it on the to do list.

    • Quentin Crisp had a theory that dust only collects to a quarter inch on any surface. This seems like a reasonable proposition. It needs some research and experimentation though?

  4. We have a small sign hanging in the living room that makes perfect sense to me.

    “Yesterday I cleaned the house, which is dumb, because we still live here.”

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