Solving all the problems — 7 Comments

  1. To be fair to Micheal, he has never covered up for a predatory sex offender (he left the bishops to do that sort of thing)

    • I wouldn’t want to rummage through any of their bins. I suspect you’re right about M though. I doubt he’s able to do anything, good or bad.

  2. Although I’m a lifelong opponent of the death penalty, at moments like this I wonder if we should bring back hanging? Just for politicians. All of them.

  3. “Get rid of all the politicians and the world will be grand.” Given the current rush to ‘net zero’ this is a widely shared opinion amongst our local farmers.

  4. We already did the life without politicians. It was miserable. Absolutely miserable. I remember it from a past incarnation! I don’t want to live in a hovel, or trudge through mud, or have to poach from the forests, or steal a bit of barley from a Noble’s field, or die in childbirth illuminated by a sputtering fat lamp, or be burnt at the stake. Been there, done that.

    • If your previous incarnation had been paying attention the politicians were all still there, but they just had differing names like ‘Courtier’ or ‘Senator’.

      Besides, I’d like toi introduce you to a line from Shakespeare’s 12th night as discussed here;

      Your previous incarnations poverty was probably the fault of these ‘schemers and tricksters’. They counted themselves as elites. As do the rich and powerful today. It would seem that little has really changed.

  5. Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…and so on and so forth. Hell, even the Democrats over here would be willing to swap you one Biden for any two or maybe even three of the incompetents you have there.

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