A Special Day — 4 Comments

  1. I will not click on a “like”, but I remember the post and now again my heart goes out to you, your daughter and other family.
    As Dave Allen said “May your God to with you.”
    very conscious of the inadequacy of words.

  2. We are thinking of you all as well.
    If you can do it, celebrating the joy and happiness of his life is the perfect day – but I’m sure it’s nothing like as easy to do as it is to write.

    Very sincere and very best wishes to you and your daughter (and family)

  3. Just read your post from a year ago. I have a neighbor with a son who must have 24/7 help. I see firsthand the sacrifices his parents make and it is done as it was with your daughter and son-in-law without complaint and with immense love. What a testimony to your family (and to my neighbor’s). I have to think that in Heaven, your grandson is whole and healthy and happy. So glad you can remember him chuckling at Sponge Bob!

    • Welcome Marion! Yes, it’s only when you experience severe disabilities at close quarters that you can appreciate the dedication involved. I like to think of Seán out there, somewhere, enjoying the freedom of running around and being pain-free.

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