What is my dog eating? — 9 Comments

  1. There are reports in the UK press about school meal providers not being able to afford beef in future….

  2. Thé bos’un’s name was Carter
    By God he was a farter !
    When the Wind wouldn’t blow
    And the ship wouldn’t go
    We got Carter the farter to start ‘er

    • It’s one of those with a ton of individual additions, modifications and versions, each vying to be more risqué than the previous.

  3. The captain’s name was Horton,
    By hell he had a short ‘un.
    But to make up for his loss,
    He had balls like an ‘oss
    And a fart like a 500 Norton.

    Happy days.

  4. The former owner of the organ won’t have missed it for very long – it’s off to the factory before they are 30 months old.

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