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  1. You can’t walk down a street in Antarctica without being accosted by a mugger or some drunk shouting at you.
    And those penguins are vicious. I’ve seen Wallace and Gromitt.

    • Donegal is a dangerous spot. It’s infested with Daniel O’Donnell clones who ambush you and sing at you. Be warned.

    • An Irish wedding is always fraught.
      There is always some old family feud.
      Why does the groom look so much like his father’s brother?
      What ever you do sit near the bar and the exit door.

  2. New Zealand a peaceful place? Ask the inhabitants of Auckland who are in the middle of gang wars, with reports of shootings every day.

    The latest took place outside a school when the children were in class. As always the Government response is to make life more awkward for legitimate gun owners and ignore the gang element.

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