My dirty little secret — 7 Comments

  1. You’ll need a patio for the full FW effect.
    Does the mouse stick its head in the hole and trigger it, so the red bar falls on its neck? Seems based on Madame Guillotine, just blunter.

    • That is precisely how it works. Lift the little lid to add bait [peanut butter]. Then pull up the red bar until it clicks in the upright position and that’s it. It’s perfectly safe to handle, so no painful accidents. The mouse has to lift the lid over the bait and Bang! Instant dispatch. It’s very clean, safe and painless.

  2. After our cat died a few years ago, we had trouble with rats! So I bought a 22 air rifle with a telescopic sight. Currently, it stands: me 10/ rats nil. I haven’t seen a rat for six months. Maybe word has got around. I didn’t bother with burial, just chucked them in the wheely bin.
    As for mice, we have a humane trap. A small piece of chocolate at one end, the mouse enters, the trap tips and the little door closes. Then I drop them over the fence into the field – 100 feet down the garden.

    • I did think about getting a humane one but I would suspect they would just find their way back. Unless I dumped them over the neighbour’s fence?

      • I have heard that you have to release them at least 2 miles away or they’ll come back.

  3. I think your mice are not well educated. But in a generation or two, they will be. We have Einstein, the rat, here in our garden. He outwits us everytime. If we ever do catch him, we will go down in history as the only old couple who were more intelligent than Einstein!

    • I don’t think my lot will ever be any smarter, simply because they’re dead. The count now stands at fifteen.

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