On having a breakdown — 7 Comments

  1. You’re about due a breakdown, you’ve worked hard for it, it’s your turn and you deserve one.
    Have at it, and enjoy.
    (I don’t think anyone will notice anyhow.)

  2. I thought you were getting your revenge but nope. Jobbie means something different to us old Scots. See Billy Connely’s early work for information.

    • Haha! Now that I read it, I see what you mean. Jobbie was an expression my mother used to use in my infancy and I had forgotten about.

  3. Are you sure it’s not just the rinse that’s cold? That’s a very common way for washers to work.

    And as for jobbies, my parents always referred to “big jobs” when talking to us about bowel things. Is that what you’re talking about? Not that I really want to know. I’m asking for a friend.

    • It was working fine when we first got it. The items would be grand and hot after a wash,but not any more.

      Yes. Big Jobs rings a bell. There was never any mention of Small Jobs though…….

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