Up in court — 5 Comments

  1. For once, refreshingly, the jury deliberated the facts, rather than just giving a ‘pussy pass’ to Heard (cos wimmin, innit?)
    Even if she did only a fraction of the vile things reported, she deserved the verdict.
    But her fine acting in court perhaps means she’ll still have a career.

    • I will be honest and say that I haven’t a clue about her or her acting abilities. I never watched any of it, so frankly I have no idea who said what about whom and why [or where]. I gather there was a lot of money involved though and that it gave the Twitterati something to Tweet about.

      • And most of that ‘money involved’ will find its way into the bulging coffers of the rapacious lawyers who have a remarkable skill of converting any routine marital disagreements into huge cash-flow opportunities for themselves, regardless of the range of damage inevitably done to their clients along the way. It’s sod-all to do with justice or fairness, it’s only about sponsoring the blood-sucking legal ‘profession’.

    • Good Grief! That is one confusing site. She is qualified TEFL? I hope the ‘E’ doesn’t refer to ‘English’? She seems to be qualified in Airport Engineering though. She certainly seems to be familiar with Dublin Airport…..

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