World No Tobacco Day — 7 Comments

  1. I gave up ciggies 40 years ago, but (if I make it to 75 in a few years time), am considering starting again. That’ll piss off doctors, family, etc. – what’s not to like?

        • I keep reading about the benefits of coffee. Apparently it is increasingly regarded as somewhat of a wonder drug, improves concentration, liver function, memory, gut health and helps you live longer, even helps you avoid road accidents and staves off the dreaded ED so saves on viagra costs. So I suggest you accompany each cigarette with a large strong coffee and you’ll be fine.

          • I may be the example you need to verify that. Smoker for 60 years, 20+ a day for the last 50 of them, I also drink 10+ cups of sugared coffee per day. It really pisses the medics off when, after I’ve been completely honest about my ‘errant lifestyle’, they conduct their battery of standard tests on bodily outputs, fluids, pressures, sugars etc. and everything reports that I’m disgracefully healthy, regardless of my age.
            Oddly, they’ve stopped inviting me in for any routine tests . . . . buggers up both their spreadsheets and messages apparently.

  2. Shame , I think you’d look good in a Range Rover and then you would piss off the green lobby ,like your earlier correspondence said , what’s not to like.

  3. About the smoking. My husband stopped smoking in about 1985. We are now in our seventies. On his medical record he was asked if he ever smoked and he foolishly answered yes. He is now classed as a “smoker”. THAT’S how they count smokers!

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