Navanman and The Tree — 2 Comments

  1. It’s okay. You can all stop your frantic searches and many many suggestions. I have the answer provided by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous as he doesn’t want his friends or family to know he reads this site. I shall of course respect his anonymity. Incidentally, he used to be a big noise in banking but decided to do horticulture instead. He’s one of the good ones.

    The tree is a Japanese Cedar variety Elegans
    Cryptomaria Japonica

    Thanks Myles.

  2. Anthows.
    The dialects of these Isles of ours fascinate me. Until the invention of the bicycle each little area developed its own variation on the basic tongue.
    To say nothing about mating possibilities.
    But that word dropped into your Navanman post bugs me. I can find no reference to it anywhere.
    So tell me what it means, or is it just a typo.
    I know this lays me open to some harmless plonker pulling,
    The wireless used to be replete with cod words. Lurgi, scradge, are you sitty comfybold?, and just about everything that fell from the lips of Rambling Sid Rumpo.
    But indulge an old man, please.
    And keep slipping in those gems of Irish words. They take me back many many decades.

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