A plague on your conspiracies — 13 Comments

  1. Monkeypox; a disease spread mainly by close proximity droplet and direct contact via the mucosa. All cases up to 16th May 2022 have been in men who have sex with men.

    Overall I’d say we were fairly safe. Unless someone has got a ‘vaccine’ to sell. Then we’d be f*cked. in more ways than one.

    • Ah! So there is a conspiracy! It’s just an experiment to see haw a plague works?

      I’m more inclined to go with Babylon Bee.

  2. ‘Dr’ Bill Gates warned in Nov 2021 about the potential of Bio terrorists releasing smallpox at Airports. He called for a WHO task force to be created and heavily funded.The Biden admin in the US has ordered 13 million doses of a vaccine from Bavarian Nordic worth $299 million that is suppose to protect against monkeypox. I see they have also got a order from Europe worth 120 million their shared have jumped 70%. The should call the vaccine moneybox.

  3. Here’s another conspiracy theory (which I’ve just made up):

    The mRNA jabs contain slow-release ‘seed’ infections – this is the first release (triggered by a 5G signal). There will be others.

    The great reset plan continues! All praise our wonderful leaders as they kill at will!

  4. Saw a theory on line that it has leaked from a bioweapons lab in Ukraine. Rumblings that is man-made and Mr G also has a vaccine for it.

  5. Hi Grandad!

    “How about 5G?”

    There are papers and speculations about how 5G might affect humans – some theorise about the helical sweat gland acting as an antenna.
    As a former TV & radio man you will know about frequency vs wavelength. Maybe there is something in it, yet to be teased out?

    The human skin as a sub-THz receiver – Does 5G pose a danger to it or not?

    Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real-life conditions

    Other collations:
    A big appeal:

    Then digging down into “conspiracy theory” realms?

    “So we have this finding that China’s 1st 5G smart city and smart highway is the epicenter of this epidemic and this finding that the epidemic only became rapidly more severe as the numbers of 5G antennae skyrocketed.”

    And more:

    So who knows what to believe, but there is probably more than we know in heaven and earth, & etcetera.


    • I tend to be wary about claims about 5G. Mind you, I’m no expert so it’s just my opinion that the dangers are somewhat exaggerated.

      The higher the frequency, the harder it is for the waves to penetrate any material and the shorter the range. The range problem is why there has to be so many of those damned masts. Because of the need for so many masts, companies will tend to invest only in areas of high population, which [by coincidence?!] is where viruses will spread more rapidly. 5G is realatively rare in Ireland yet we still had our share of Covid. Some of the initial outbreaks were far removed from any 5G masts!

      Having said all that, there may indeed be a problem with 5G [or 4G or 3G] but the problem would originate in the phone not the mast, as the phone is acting as a transmitter and obviously radiates relatively massive signals. I would have some concerns for those who wander around with their phone permanently glued to their ears.

  6. Hokay… So we have ascertained that this is part of an experiment in which the WHO and Gates are somehow involved. However it only seems to affect gay men which seems a little limiting? What’s the betting that shortly there’ll be a “new variant” that is transmitted by aerosol and is far more dangerous and contagious?

    Lockdowns, here we come again. And again. And again.

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