Between the rock and a hard place — 6 Comments

  1. Where was Penny when these phenomena occured?
    Do you have an obese neighbour? They just lost three stone.
    Any weirder and I am in Clanger land. With my Swanee Whistle

    • Penny was curled up at my feet as usual.

      I refuse to comment on my neighbour. Do you think I’m daft?

  2. I could come and abjure the spirit to depart hence (if I can find the right book of spells)

    • Would you not be scared of the ghost throwing rocks at you? You’re more than welcome to try though.

      • I was once asked to go to a stone circle and say prayers to keep some weirdos away!

        I fear with my current bout of sneezing and coughing I might cause more harm to the living than the dead!

  3. All suggestions I can come up with have already been offered and subsequently shot down. I can only say that I had nothing to do with it. I don’t even have a Passport. (Even then I’m not sure they would let me in.)

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