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  1. Take a photo so you don’t forget what it looks like in that state, the dust will be back before you know it,, especially when you start the fire up again!
    I’m speaking as a man who has just bought a new mop, but doesn’t want to get it dirty yet!

    • AT first I tried to keep the house in its immaculate state but soon got bored with that. VGF discovered I had been doing some cleaning and got quite annoyed – she loves a dirty house to clean. She is self confessed OCD.

  2. If VGF ever fancies a trip across the Irish Sea and a whole new challenge, send her this way, Mrs M would be delighted to have an ally in restoring anywhere in the palace that I’ve been, invariably leaving considerable evidence of my presence and a somewhat casual approach to domestic cleanliness.

    • Hah! Yes. A few hours of non-stop noise – vacuuming, washing, dishes and cutlery clattering and she rarely stops talking. The silence afterwards is deafening but we’d be lost without her.

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