The wonder of the age — 12 Comments

  1. Do you know if anyone in your wee village reads your missives.
    Some people get offended at the funniest things.
    Mind how you go now.

    • There was one who haunted here for a while. I don’t know if he bothers these days. Maybe I should say something really insulting about him to see if there’s a reaction?

  2. What? Vermont doesn’t count any longer? Oh…wait…

    …it never counted in the first place.

    Of course folks still read your writings. Highly enjoyable you know.

    • Welcome Chester! Visit every six hours day and night and you probably will be. NZ is currently on the map which is probably yourself [and Gareth below who is only virtually there].

  3. And, by the magic of VPN, this hit comes all the way from Auckland, New Zealand.
    Out and back, those little IP packets have gone right round the world just to tickle your counter 🙂

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