State sponsored propaganda — 6 Comments

  1. They couldn’t stop a pesky little virus, what makes anyone think they have a snowball in Hell’s chance of stopping whatever change the climate has decided to have? But it’s only the poor folks’ money, so lets just keep spaffing it against the wall anyhow.
    Hanging’s too good for them.

  2. I wonder who gets to choose the pockets this taxpayers money will end up in? I’m sure they can all be trusted to spend it wisely, ….

  3. The climate has been changing back and forth for thousands and thousands of years now. Much of the oil deposits are found in desert environments, no? (Let’s call them Dinosaur leftovers). It would seem those desert lands we jungles at some point in time.

    Seems that either those caveman folks had plastic bags, internal combustion engines, and such, OR the climate changes on occasion whether people like it or not.

    So, Grandad, where can I get one of those yoyos? They were kind of fun when I was a kid.

  4. “A storm? Climate Change! A spot of flooding? Climate Change! A fine spell? Climate Change! Everything these days is somehow caused by Climate Change.”

    Now this is inspiring.

    Sorry boss, I didn’t anything done today because of climate change. I spent the entire day trying to figure out what I can do about it. And then it came to me…I can’t do one single damned thing about it!

  5. The Green Party weren’t they the party when in government were talking chauffeur driven limos to the airport and flying into the sunset in private jets? Dont do as I do do as I say.

    • Cuntface Ryan actually cycles everywhere and is constantly whinging about cycle lanes [and how every road should be bikes only]. Where is an articulated lorry when you need one?

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